Rent ahead of the crowd
The UK’s most reliable rental passport
MyHomePassport demonstrates your value as a responsible renter:

You are trustworthy and fully prequalified. You save time, costs and risks. You gain advantages.
What makes MyHomePassport® different?
  • Your information is reliably live and up to date with our unique LiveUpdater™
  • Your DynamicReferences™ are legally compliant and fully ID-verified, therefore uniquely watertight.
  • Your profile can be sent to multiple landlords or agents without exposing your personal data – you only trigger this access when you are ready to proceed with a contract.
  • You can be assured you are renting from genuine landlords using our LandlordVerifier©
The Property Ombudsman
“Innovations like MyHomePassport that enable tenants to pre-qualify themselves will help to transform referencing and access to the private rented sector. Using a wide range of data, their system allows anyone to prove they are, and have been, able to pay their rent, so a single-parent family on benefits can achieve as high ratings as a more affluent family/individual.
As an estate agency that aims to drive best practice and use profits to meet more housing need, we welcome their approach and look forward to welcoming prequalified renters in our area.”

Director Tessa Gooding, Urban Patchwork

Urban Patchwork
Mvine LexisNexis®
World leaders in identity and anti-fraud digital solutions
How it works
step 1
Step 1
Register and log in to your secure space to start building your profile.
Calculate your affordability and rent share.
step 2
Step 2
Contact your referees to register and complete your Dynamic References™.
Contact your guarantor to register if required.
step 3
Step 3
Order your ID/background reports and upload your documents.
You are now prequalified and ready to find a new home.
step 4
Step 4
Use your prequalified profile to book unlimited property viewings.
Use your Landlord Verifier to authenticate genuine ownership.
When you find your dream home, authorise access to your data and documents.
Trigger your Live Update reports.
step 5
Step 5
Now you are ahead of the competition you are ready to sign the contracts and move in.
Overall, you, the agent and the landlord have saved time, costs and risks.
Live updater
MyHomePassport® helps you secure your next home quicker.
Your pack includes:
  • IDU tenant report – The most comprehensive ID, financial and background check with international document verification from LexisNexis®– the world’s leading ID and anti-fraud agency including data from all three UK credit agencies.
  • LiveUpdater™(x2) – Keeping your data fresh when required - uniquely ensuring your information doesn't become 'out of date'.
  • MyCreditHistory© – Opt in to Rental Exchange by Experian® – pay your rent and strengthen your credit history.
  • DynamicReference™(x3) – Unique, online, legally compliant references from ID-verified referees.
  • LandlordVerifier© – Run your own check on landlords and protect against subletting fraud.
  • Guarantor – A fully prequalified guarantor if required.
  • Affordability – Calculated and verified.
  • Profile Share – The capacity to share your ‘validated and verified’ profile without exposing your private data.
Cost £20+VAT
Your information, your priority passport, you’re in control
Pre qualified Tenant Profile
Use your validated prequalified profile for any viewing with multiple landlords or agents to get ahead of competitors – only triggering access to your data when you are ready to proceed. MyHomePassport® renters are the highest prequalified and the lowest-risk potential tenants.
Build your credit history with Rental Exchange
We have partnered with Experian so that your regular monthly rent payments strengthen your credit history. As a responsible renter, you know your rent payments will be maintained as agreed in your contract so you can confidently opt in to this system. We enable proof of your payments to be recorded and count towards your credit history in the same way that mortgage repayments are. Renters who opt in to the Rental Exchange offer more security to landlords so therefore gain advantages.
MyHomePassport® tenants come free.
Do you have a tenant without MyHomePassport®?
Right to rent and credit checks:

Use our instant ID, financial, background and worldwide document verification reports for only £5

Recent law changes have impacted your time and profits. The tenant fee ban means you must now pay if you want to do background checks and referencing. You can no longer charge the tenant as you did before so ‘Referencing’ has now become a time-consuming cost. The law states that tenants can opt to obtain their own reports and references in advance. ARLA, the association for letting agents, strongly advises the use of proptech such as MyHomePassport® to streamline your costs. Tenants choose MyHomePassport® for two reasons:
  1. They are prequalified (with guarantors if required) to reduce your admin time and to help them secure their home ahead of other renters. You have this assurance before deciding to arrange viewings with them.
  2. MyHomePassport® is the most credible system of its kind because its unique use of live data ensures it is never out of date and the referencing is legally compliant.
You will save time, costs and risks by welcoming MyHomePassport® tenants to your office. Email us now if you would like ‘first notification’ of qualified MyHomePassport® tenants needing new homes in your area.
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