General FAQs

Why do I need to pay when other companies seem to offer something similar for free?

Our pack comprises up to eight different data reports, belonging to you and controlled by you. They are contractually sourced from LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the world’s largest ID and anti-fraud organisation. They, in turn, source data from all three credit agencies – Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. It also offers high level ID and document verification to set you above others. Quality, real-time data needs to be processed and paid for: free reports may be accurate when first ordered but they soon become out of date. Our income is not based on insurance products, nor do we sell your information. Prior to the tenant fee ban, referencing would have cost each tenant anything between £100–£300: Our system ensures you can produce better, verified data for only £20 for a pack which includes your IDU tenant report, 2x LiveUpdaters, a Guarantors report, 3x DynamicReferences, a LandlordVerifier and access to MyCreditHistory – Experian’s Rental Exchange to boost your credit history each time you pay your rent. We offer our comprehensive pack only when you need to move.

How will MyHomePassport give me advantages in a competitive market?

The usual procedure that agents and landlords follow is they arrange a viewing and you offer a holding deposit while they order your checks and references. This may take up to five days. If you fail a check or require a guarantor, the process is repeated and all parties waste time and costs. From 1 June 2019, agents must pay to carry out background checks so they can ill afford to repeat this process.

You will be fully pre-qualified with standards superior to the current industry benchmarks and this data is backed up with live information at the point of signing contracts. Agents and landlords, as well as you, know you will and have passed all checks so you will not waste their time, cost them anything and you are lower risk than other potential renters.

In many areas, demand outstrips supply for good rental properties, so you will get ahead by being pre-qualified.

I am a student or a first-time renter and wish to share with others, how does this help?

For students, graduates or sharing professionals, MyHomePassport helps you gain advantages where demand outstrips supply and helps you gain the confidence of potential house mates where you need to share bills and responsibilities. You can use your profile to connect with other rental sharers and even add a social media profile to help establish trust.

If you are a student or a first-time renter you will most likely need a guarantor, simply contact your guarantor via your login area and they will also become prequalified.

What is the difference between a Dynamic Reference™ and a standard reference?

In order to help reduce potentially fraudulent references, We have added several layers of security to ensure the ID of the referee is verified and that the person actively providing the information is the same person as verified. Closed question online fields are completed by the referee after secure login and an algorithm adds value to each field. The referee’s consent to produce testimony means the reference becomes a legally compliant document.

What is the purpose of using a live updater?

MyHomePassport allows you to present yourself to an agent or landlord as fully qualified and to back this up with the essential financial data right up to the point of signing contracts.

MyHomePassport users are knowingly trustworthy so they ensure nothing changes in their circumstances, such as CCJs, insolvencies and bankruptcies, between ordering their primary report and agreeing a rental contract.

Your LiveUpdater™ can be viewed instantly wherever you are by mobile or tablet.

When do I need a guarantor?

If your affordability calculation (using our calculator in your login area) shows you cannot fully afford the property you may want, you will need a guarantor – they will also need to pass the calculation.

If you are a student, first time renter or unemployed, you may also require a guarantor.

You can on-board your guarantor following links in the login area and they will also become ‘prequalified’ but you will also need to have a ‘deed of guarantee’ document signed by both parties to legalise the arrangement.

How do I share my prequalified profile without giving out my personal data?

You can email your profile to any landlord or agent once you have completed the qualification process, verifying your reports, references and documents etc.

In your personal area you will have the ability to send the profile that gives your basic details but does not reveal the sensitive data. This means they will be assured you are highly prequalified and allows them to contact you. If you go on to want to rent their property, you can then allow their access to your report, data, references and documents.

How can I boost my credit history with Experian’s Rental Exchange?

If you know you are responsible with your rent payments and very unlikely to default, miss part of the payment or miss the due date, then you should consider signing up to our link with Experian’s rental Exchange. Mortgage repayments have always counted towards credit history and now this is available to people who pay rent. We all benefit from having a good credit history and a monthly boost just for paying your rent is a great facility. When you register and login with us you will find a simple ‘MyCreditHistory’ sign-up procedure that allows your direct debit rental payments to be picked up via a safe digital link to TrueLayer® who help us send this information to Experian®

Can I sign up to Rental Exchange if I am already a tenant and don’t currently need a ‘Home Passport’?

Yes, you will need to register and login with us first, we can set you up and manage the transactions for you indefinitely and will need you to run a tenant IDU check (£5 incl VAT). This will then give you a credit towards using MyHomePassport when you decide to move.

Why do you not use my credit score?

A credit score is not relevant when assessing credibility as a renter, you are not receiving credit, and in fact you pay in advance to rent a property. Also, there are three different credit-scoring systems in the UK where in one case a score of 420 is good and another would have this as poor. What really matters is ID verification, a proven history of paying rent and responsibly looking after property, proving an absence of financial debt such as CCJs and insolvencies. You need to prove you are not on international watchlists or sanction lists. You need to prove you have not stolen someone’s identity or have fraudulent documents. You also need to prove you have the right to reside in the UK. It is about proving your trustworthiness.

MyHomePassport has a scoring system for all data that gives a fair representation of the factors mentioned above and has an algorithm that will enable a meaningful renters rating as you move forward on your rental path.

What is the score on my report and what does a ‘refer’ or red warning mean?

The scoring system on each report reflects the amount of supporting evidence in all areas assessed. However, a pass of any score is set to be a high enough standard to denote trustworthiness.

A ‘refer’ will flag up something that you will need to explain such as mitigating circumstances. We will not fail a report over a CCJ, but will be flagged as a refer or even a pass; either way it will show with a red warning. Often landlords or agents will be comfortable with a minor financial issue occurring several years ago: you should be prepared to offer an explanation and evidence.

How do I use the LandlordVerifier?

Once your profile is fully completed, you can activate a LandlordVerifier from your login area, you only need their forename, surname and the rental property address with postcode.

There are many instances where renters have been victims of a sub-letting scam, where the ‘landlord’ is not the actual owner. In other cases, rooms have been let in unsafe and illegal conditions by someone other than the actual owner. This situation causes huge financial losses and even the threat of homelessness. If you respond to a private advert for a rental property, how do you know you are communicating with the rightful owner? How do you know exactly who you may be meeting to view the property? There are many great properties being privately advertised so you wouldn’t want to miss out on a genuine opportunity. This dilemma can be helped using your LandlordVerifier.

If you are keen to view a property or even put down a deposit and you are not 100% sure the owner is genuine you can run an instant check. All you need is the landlord’s name and the full rental property address. We make an instant digital connection to the land registry to confirm if the name and property match on the register. If this flags a no match, you would be advised to either seek further proof (a company belonging to the landlord may own the property - genuine landlords are happy to provide proof) and be cautious.

Agents and Landlords FAQs

I am an agent, why should I accept MyHomePassport tenants?

MyHomePassport tenants have taken the time and cost to prepare themselves in advance so you do not have to spend time and costs carrying out your own referencing checks. Our partners, LexisNexis Risk Solutions are the world’s largest ID / Anti-Fraud organisation who also access data from the UK’s three main credit agencies. They also validate and verify international documents and can specifically match an ID holder with the document holder, which is vital when fake documents and stolen ID is being used ever increasingly.

MyHomePassport tenants are probably more qualified than others and pose the lowest risks. They will also have a prequalified guarantor in place if required. It is a system that only trustworthy tenants can pass, and you will save time, costs and risks. Following the tenant fee ban on 1st June 2019, you may find yourself hoping the next tenant walking through your door is fully prequalified with MyHomePassport.

As an agent, can I use your system for other tenants who want to rent with us?

Yes, the best way is to mention you welcome MyHomePassport tenants in your adverts and add the link to our website. According to the new law, you are prohibited from enforcing tenants to buy their own ‘referencing’ reports, but you can show that you welcome those who choose to.

You may also email us at partnerships@myhomepassport.com if you wish to receive first notification of prequalified tenants looking for a new home in your area.

You may also wish to display a window sticker welcoming MyHomePassport tenants. You can email us as above and we will send this to you and add you as a recommended rental agent.

If you simply need a very high quality and comprehensive IDU tenant report for any potential tenant (containing ID verification, financial data, document verification, Right to Rent and anti-fraud checks from LexisNexis and all UK credit agencies), you can order instantly for only £5 incl VAT.

I am a Landlord. How can I benefit from MyHomePassport?

For private or institutional landlords; if you want to benefit from having highly prequalified and very low risk tenants, why not welcome a MyHomePassport tenant in your property advert.

You will then have the confidence that your tenant has been very highly ‘prequalified’ and they are going to be very low risk. Live update information will ensure their financial status has not changed since their initial IDU report.

Right to Rent responsibilities are met as documents are verified along with a full ID and Anti-Fraud check. Prequalified guarantors are included if the tenant’s status requires.

As with agents, you may order a full IDU report for any potential tenant you need to vet who is not already a MyHomePassport tenant, this gives instant results and only costs £5 incl VAT